Sunday, April 23, 2017


I did a rough estimate. I've been riding a bike for about 47 years now. The one I presently own I bought 8-9 years ago from money earned in a wedding photo shoot. A good bike - but after nearly 10 years, in need of a little sprucing up!

The Bicycle, Season 47, Episode 1

I dropped my Raleigh off at The Brake Room earlier in the week for a spit and shine. 

Much needed new tires and brake pads, a number of rusted cables replaced and a new chain. She runs like a well tuned engine and stops on a dime!

I take a ride down by the waterfront. There are kids up on the hill flying a kite. Tired, happy dogs come sauntering out of the dog park  with their tongue lolling out to one side. 

I stop in at a Bakery I've been told about, The Crust and Crumb to pick up some dessert for later.

I zoom along and under the bridge I find signs of new love!

Heading home, I discover my "Bike-dar" (as in Bike radar) is a bit rusty. I can't read cars and their possibly fatal reactions to me as well as I should. As in Episodes past, I can expect a few close calls!

I've worked up an appetite so dinner is lemon chicken with a salad of warm roasted vegetables and goat cheese. Went well with the Bakery's Date Square and the Salted Caramel Bar!

I expect someday I will be too old to ride a bike. 

But not this year. I'm working on Season 47. 

Here's to the Episodes ahead on "The Bicycle"! 

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  1. You have inspired me, if I can get over the whole gears thing ;-) Sounds like a lovely day.