Sunday, April 9, 2017


I'm just finishing a 7 day work-week. Now, with a glass of wine balancing on the bed cover, I'm tucked up in my bedroom, window open because the weather is finally feeling like spring and I'm typing up this blog.

I'm home. 

I can hear the crows, robins and a couple of doves. Sasha is sitting on my makeup box, observing the view. The occasional car drives by on our quiet suburban street. The house has a slightly dusty smell. 

It's what we homebodies live for. The smells, sights and sounds of home. Where I feel most comfortable.

This is a pen and ink drawing my Mom did of our house in Trenton where I lived as a teenager (I know, she's really good). On that big porch ridiculous amounts of teenagers hung out, smoking and making a racket. Supertramp, Thin Lizzy, or Led Zeppelin were usually cranked on the stereo. That little window on the top floor? It was my attic bedroom; freezing in the winter and deathly hot in the summer but I loved it. 

This is a watercolour I did of our house in Foxboro, the first house Sheldon and I bought. Not having my Mom's talent was why I switched to photography! Adrian was 1-year-old and Randi was 4 when we moved here. This old Victorian boasted hot water radiators that were great for sitting on or drying off wet mittens. It had the biggest dining room and once we sat down nearly 30 people for dinner. My homebody heart loved this house.

Once the kids reached high school it was time to move into town so we could accommodate all those after school activities and part time jobs we would be picking them up from. 

This is our house now. I asked Bonnie, a very talented young woman to draw it for me. She is also quite likely the sweetest human being on earth. This one called to my heart. The neighbourhood was a hot one and houses were snatched up as quick as they landed in the paper. But this one was waiting for our family. We have raised our two teenagers plus 9 other ballerinas who boarded with us over the years. 

It was not unusual to have a house full of kids in the living room!

We homebodies, love our homes and they love us back. That love permeates and welcomes others who enter in. 

I'm not sure where my next home will be, but I know it will be where I feel safe, comfortable and where a classic homebody belongs! 

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