Sunday, December 11, 2016


Christmas just won't be the same this year...things are looking a little different and, I admit it, I'm a little pouty.

Change is inevitable - all the good and the bad of it. Santa's gotta brand new bag  so I'm going to try an roll with it like a snowball. 

We picked out our tree yesterday and I found myself decorating it without my kids. Adrian and new wife are on the west coast, daughter Randi is busy with her own life, hubby was never really into hanging ornaments. So, I enlisted my ballerina Lauren to help out. 

Looks pretty good, don't you think?

Speaking of Adrian and new wife Carolyn, they are not coming home for Christmas! Those dreaded words no mother wants to hear. Rolling with it - big box of gifts has been mailed and one received. Thank God for Skype, we will do Christmas via the internet. 

Now here's a first - I'm working Christmas. All day Christmas eve and Christmas Day. So I'm asking my friends, those who have access to my cell, to send me Christmas pics while I'm working away at the office. The kids, the tree, the cat, the turkey, the cat eating the turkey - I don't care, just send me a little Christmas cheer!

To help ward off my poutiness, I'm working in a few traditions that keep me grounded - like baking. Randi and I have been baking away a few nights and I'm drawn to some old family recipes.

I made biscotti - a nod to my Italian heritage:

And Maple Fudge, a recipe from my Grandma Evans' on my Dad's side.

If you are going into a different kind of Christmas, I suggest mixing in a few old stalwart traditions with some new ones. Allow yourself to be a little pouty or maybe even downright sad, but try not to stay there. Search out those coping skills that make you the amazingly strong person you are. Appreciate what you've got and never forget what you've had. I think you will find that through it all, there is a foundation of love, joy and peace that will never change.

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