Sunday, December 20, 2015


It's that time of year again. When the die-hard-has-to-be-a-real-tree types go out hunting down that perfect tree. You may be a Griswold and hanker for the biggest, fullest tree in the forest or maybe you are a Charlie Brown type that just wants to find a poor sap(ling) in need of a warm blankey and some love. We Crowders are somewhere in the middle. 

Now for the past number of years we have zipped right around the corner of our house to the closest parking lot where Switzers  graciously provided fresh, hot from the forest trees. After a quick assessment of what was left, cause we are last-minute types or, because it was frigidly cold, we settled on a satisfactory specimen, threw it on top of the car and took the 10 second drive back home. 

But THIS year a new Christmas Tree farm has opened about 15 minutes outside of town. And let me tell you, these people know how to do it right.

We landed at Denmar Farms to find free hot chocolate waiting for us and treats to be had.

We mowed down a couple of these while we warmed up beside the fireplace.

If you are in need of a few more ornaments or fresh greenery, they are on hand!

Then the little red wagon arrived to take us to the hunting grounds.

It does not seem to matter whether we are at the local parking lot or out on the top of a hill, tree hunting is dang cold business! 

Here is my daughter Randi and her husband Dan. I know they are smiling, but it was cold out there, dang cold with a bitter, bitter wind!

After a quick assessment of trees, we settled on one for us and a smaller one for Dan and Randi ( cute). Trees were tagged and hauled up on the little red wagon for a cold ride back.
The lovely people at Denmar Farms will then give your tree a shake-rattle-roll dance and throw it in this very awesome and festive looking machine!
It goes in one end and....
There you have it, a perfectly bagged tree!

After that more hot chocolate ensued to warm up again and then I heard a rumour there were marshmallows to roast. 

Hello....roasted marshmallows? Yes, yes, I know it's cold but I can't resist and I drag the family out to the roaring fireplace for a roasting time. You just can't get that at the local parking lot.

Here's wishing you all a Griswold/Charlie Brown/Crowder Christmas! 

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