Sunday, December 6, 2015


I'm smack in the thick of the Christmas shenanigans. I had a concert on Friday, a Christmas party Saturday and in the middle I had some down time in one of my favourite places, the kitchen. 

Even better, I got to spend some time baking with my baby (daughter). What a luxury for me to have her nearby after so many years of nothing but skyping! 

So there were a few recipes I wanted to do and a few she hunted up on Pinterest - a magical website I'm staying far, far away from. For I know it will suck me into it's spell and you may lose me forever. 

Every year, I like to make shortbread of some sort and this year was a pecan type. These are melt-in-your-mouth and nutty!

Then I made a long standing family  recipe of sugar cookies. I bought a couple of new cookie cutters. They are supposed to be snowflakes, but I think they look more like flowers!

Randi wanted to pack in all the baking in one night so we were busy little bees. We made these peppermint brownie cookies 

And she also picked out these adorable cube shortbread:

There is dough prepped and firming up in the refrigerator for some molasses cookies and she also wants to make some truffles. But we ran out of time (and energy). 

Maybe you are a shopper and you get a kick out of finding that perfect gift. Maybe it is the parties that pick you up or maybe, like me, it is family time and you are baking with your baby. Whatever floats your boat, I hope you are enjoying this holiday season!

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