Sunday, November 15, 2015


I  did the last of the yard work yesterday - one more bag of leaves, one more round on the lawnmower, and tucked the whole thing to bed. My roses had a hard go of it this year. So when I walked about yesterday in the backyard and found a few roses still putting on a brave face and a geranium still proudly blooming in one of the potted plants I thought it was a beautiful thing. 

And my thoughts went to Paris, and the other senseless tragedies this world has faced of late. In the face of such sadness, such pain, I'm trying to find some beauty. 

There is a story in Mark 14 about a woman who shows up at a party and pours a very expensive jar of perfume on Jesus' head. Some of those present were not impressed and let her know in no uncertain terms this was a stupid thing to do - a waste of money. 
But Jesus says "leave her alone, why are you bothering her? She has done beautiful thing to me." Further on it says "She did what she could."

In the midst of the tragedies we face, we can support one another, love and pray (if you believe in such a thing), try to meet practical needs. We can do a beautiful thing for someone else.  Even if other people misunderstand our actions. 

You may feel helpless, angry, scared and shaken. But fight the darkness.

Do a beautiful thing for someone else.

Do what you can.

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