Sunday, August 9, 2015


I had to work this past weekend. It was abominably slow. On the positive side, seems my community was somewhat medically stable! All things status quo.

Since there was time to kill, I was having a discussion with my co-worker about teenagers and selfies and how incredibly confident (or incredibly narcissistic - Lauren, you might want to look that word up) they are getting their photo taken ALL the time. I was not not that comfortable with myself!

But my Grandma - now she was ahead of the curve on this one. She was a force to be reckoned with. An outspoken woman who served as a nurse most of her life and outlived two husbands (natural causes on both cases if you are getting any suspicions) Check out her photo:

A real knock out with to-die-for bone structure and bedroom eyes.

My grandma's advice, and I can still hear her voice in my head,
"Now you get your photo taken when you are 35! You are at the height of your beauty then so make sure you get that photo done!"

The photo above of my grandma was taken when she was 35 and obviously by a professional photographer. There are a few other photos from the same session, but I don't know who has them at this point. 

She must have been after her son, my Dad, as well. Cause here is a photo taken of my father probably in his 20s. Maybe that's when men are at the height of their beauty! 

Another professionally done photo. He's all business. The intrepid reporter Jack Evans. He's your man if you want the real story hunted down!

Well I do have a bit of rebel in me so I didn't exactly follow Grandma's advice. I did get a photo taken at 35, but there was nothing professional about it. Just went out in the yard with my monster lab Sam, sat on the ground and I think gave the camera to one of my kids or husband or whoever was around and said "Here, take my photo."

I may have to give account for this aberration when I next come up against the force known as "Grandma Evans."

So readers, in the midst of all these selfies, remember Grandma's advice - get that photo, a nice good photo, taken at the height of your beauty, at 35. 

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