Sunday, August 2, 2015


For the first time since 2011, I was able to camp with both of my kids. They grew up you see and started living their own lives with their own responsibilities so it has taken us 4 years to resync our schedules. Whattup wit dat? One even got married so we brought the son-in-law with us too. Camping (not glamping) is new to him but he did just fine for a first-timer and is pretty darn handy around the campsite not to mention an expert marshmallow toaster. 

There is much prep for our trip and copious notes to be checked and rechecked. The final result looks something like this:

Rule #1: Prep and pack or it don't go in the sack

We had glorious weather (Thank you Jesus) with no rain and a rare blue moon to enjoy. Here is Dan and Randi learning the ropes on canoeing. 

Canoeing together can be a pretty good marriage test. Just ask Dan. 
Rule #2: Learn how to survive a canoe ride with your Bride

Food is a BIG DEAL. We like to eat well out in the woods. The fire is made ready!

Rule #3 (this one is for you Randi):Don't burn the fire pokey stick!

Rule #4: Sheldon will burn his fingers. Everytime.

Rlue #5: Adrian is too skinny. Eat more steak son.

Rule #6: Chipmunks now where to find the buffet

Rule #7: Bagels on the fire. Can't get any higher.

Rule #8. And this one is important. RESPECT THE COOLER

My mom bought me these monster marshmallows. They are like on steroids or something. So Dan toasted me up a beauty. 

Rule #9: Roasting marshmallows - Dan you are the man!

Took me about 4 very sticky bites to get this one down.

The bathroom is what we call the "magic treasure box". It has a great view.

We took a day trip to the local waterslide. This is like a natural waterpark with little pools, waterfalls and gorgeous scenery. It was a great place to hang for the day. 

Dan enjoying a natural water massage

Rule #10: Mrs. Crowder. You make good humans

There is a natural waterslide with a rope to help you climb up when you splash in the pool at the end. The other option (not a good one) is to keep floating down the lazy river. Be warned, there is a Really Big Waterfall that will probably kill you at the end of it!

Rule #11: Get off the ride at the end of the slide!

All in all, we followed the rules, had a great trip and except for a few bruises, scratches and sunburns, survived. 

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