Sunday, June 1, 2014


It was a beautiful weekend. I mean perfect weather wise! Not too hot, not too cold, blue skies and wispy kiss clouds here and there. 

Too bad I had to work it.
...All weekend

The good news? I have the next two days off. And I had great bike rides to work and back.

Because when you bike on the weekend the roads are really quiet, especially in the morning. 

That means the boundaries I have to abide by are lifted!

Usually I'm hugging the very curbs on the busy roads as cars and trucks whisk by and I try to avoid getting taken out.

But the last two mornings? I have the whole road to myself!
This is one of the main roads in my city - a very pretty, old road and it's all mine baby, all mine.

So I rode right down the middle. I did figure eights. I stopped at the 4-way stop intersection.....sorta.

Here's an action shot!
Can you feel the wind in your face? Don't cha just want to toss that helmet and let your hair fly free? 

Not sure what happened here....
Some kind of I-Phone faux pas on my part.

But I enjoyed my ride. And every now and then, no boundaries, no limitations are a nice change. Especially for a routine-oriented, follow-the-rules girl like me. 

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