Sunday, June 22, 2014


I was checking stats this morning....cause that's what I do (not really, I don't get up in the morning and think "what stat shall I critique today?). 

But I was checking stats and the favourite top colour (canadian spelling) is Blue. Then green, then red. And coming in at number seven is my favourite, yellow! Not sure why it is not more popular. I mean yellow cheers you up when you're sad, it is the symbol of eternal happiness and nature itself prefers yellow! Ever seen a villain wearing yellow? Nope, not gonna happen. But heroes have yellow belts, rings, even capes - yellow saves the day.

Here's proof of my yellow fetish....

I have yellow chairs on the deck getting cosy with yellow pansies.

There are yellow flowers in the garden

My mom gave me this great old bench seat - Sheldon painted it yellow for me

My front room is painted a pale buttery yellow. I'd probably look very nice in a yellow car! 

Now this, however, is not yellow.

This is a cool cooler I bought for Sheldon's 50th birthday. As you can see, it is orange (favourite colour number six according to the stats). And although I would prefer yellow, it is Sheldon's birthday, not mine.

So, whatever your favourite colour is, I hope you have it sprinkled throughout your lifestyle somewhere and can enjoy it. 

But me, I'm into yellow!

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