Saturday, June 7, 2014


Part of my job at work is calling our patients to review the services  we are providing for them. This past week, when one of my co-workers, Kelly, was making a call the patient asked for his wife to pick up the phone and take the information. It seems he was in the middle of eating a bologna sandwich and he just wanted to finish his lunch.
Remember bologna sandwiches?
On white bread with mustard...?
Man, I used to live off those! They were a standard in my lunchbox! I don't think I know anyone who still eats bologna, or white bread for that matter.
What about those huge bags of Puffs cereal that could barely fit in the cereal cupboard? Half and hour after a bowl of those, you were famished.

This is what I had for lunch today...

and I finished with Yogurt, berries and homemade granola

Pretty hoity-toity and grown up. And a bologna sandwich would taste just as good, just not as good for me!
Cause I'm a big girl now and this body is over 50 years old so I'd best try and look after it. 
But some things I've just upgraded.
I've gone from orange or cherry popsicles to Magnum bars or gelato.
I've gone from Mr. Big and Snickers bars to Ghirardelli and Lindt.

When I was a waitress back in the early 80's the dessert of choice was Rice Pudding, pie with ice cream or fruit cocktail. Light beers were just coming on the market and Liver and Onions with gravy and fries was a big seller on Wed. nights. 

Nowadays, eating gluten free, and paleo are all the rage. Cause times and the food we eat have changed. 

Who knows what my grandchildren (should I have any) will be eating! Maybe bologna sandwiches on white bread or those big bags of Puffs cereal will make a comeback.

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