Sunday, November 10, 2013


Been a big week around here for me...yup. I somehow made it to 50. If you have not yet reached that milestone, or as a lady I know who is well into her 60's puts it "an accomplishment", then you might be wondering what does it feel like, knowing you are occupying a body that is 1/2 a century old. 

From a physical point of view, I feel Great! I'm in excellent shape and in excellent health. I have always tried to look after this shell I'm in so I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Now I know there are things beyond my control that can hit anytime but I've tried to steward well what I have and the results are good. So, First piece of advice - look after yourself physically!
Wrinkles? Yes! Gray Hair - heck ya! Back flips out of the question? Probably as I never really mastered those, but with a little work I'm sure I could still pull off a cartwheel. 

I have been asked a few times how I feel about it - do I feel different. Not really. I have always been introspective so I did take some time to assess my position and honestly they only thing that kinda freaked me out was the fact that I am not in my 40s anymore. I had gotten rather used to being 40ish since I've been in that boat for the past 10 years. But I still have goals in mind, still have dreams and hopes and still believe they can come to pass. So my second piece of advice would be - never give up. It is NEVER too late. Live life fully everyday. 

So that's it for my motherly bordering on grandmotherly advice. 

I was pleasantly spoiled for my birthday! I am not a centre-of-attention type and don't really need much acknowledgement but co-workers and family alike celebrated with me. 

When I was having my morning coffee on the big day the routine was in the norm with Amelia snuggled beside me in the big comfy chair by the fireplace and Sasha stretched out on my lap. Now Amelia knows she is not to lick your face. She occasionally sneaks one in on the hand but if you get right into her space, although she really wants to, she will keep her tongue in check. But on my birthday Amelia lost it and licked my face and neck with exuberance.
"Amelia what is going on? What are you doing and why all the kisses?"
Amelia - "I just can't help it!!! It's your birthday! I LOVE YOU!! And you taste sooooo good!!!

At work I was treated to cake and lots of food. They gave me all things to keep me warm - slippers, chocolate, coffee, a big mug to wrap my hands around and leopard-printed fuzzy jammies. 

I treated myself and invested in an original oil painting by Jesus Estevez, a local artist whose work I have admired for the past few years. 

Finally, I went out to dinner with friends at the East and Main restaurant in Wellington where I was made a big to-do over and served by the affable Australian Jeremy. My husband surprised me with yet another Jesus Estevez painting (it had been my second choice when I was trying to decide), and best wishes abounded. 

So here we go - 50 years an counting! I may see another 50 or another 5. Either way, I'm blessed beyond measure!

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