Sunday, November 17, 2013


It is a typical November day today in Ontario- gray, damp and drab. The startlingly bright colours of fall are either gone or sleeping in muted tones on the grass. The trees are looking fragile and delicate with their bare and exposed limbs. One wonders how they survive the brutal cold that is coming their way.

But they do.

They take on the cold, the ice and the wind like stalwart soldiers. They lose a few branches on the way, some even fall altogether. They endure the valley experience of winter. Then the spring comes with new life and they begin to make their way out of the valley, up the mountain top to better times of summer.

And we do the same.

It has been a difficult year for many. We have lost so many good people. I have been to more funerals this year alone than I have my whole life. Just recently another young man in the church passed away suddenly. He was not even 40, and just starting to turn his life around. I have people I work with who are struggling with the mysteries of raising their children. And I know how very hard that is! If they were all the same I could provide pat answers to them all, as I've raised two and helped to raise about 7 other teenagers who have lived with us over the past 10 years. My best advice? Pray - everyday. That's what I did, cause at times, I had no idea what to do. There is a proverb that says if any of you lacks wisdom, just ask. So I did - a lot.

Today, I woke up to find out a dear friend of ours fell off his roof and is now in hospital with numerous injuries. Another valley experience for himself, his family and friends. I'm praying he heals quick like a 20 year old, as opposed to the 40 year old body he is in!

Led Zeppelin sang a song "good times, bad times, you know I've had my share". The universal human experience. Be gentle with each other people, we are all going through valleys and mountain top times.

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