Saturday, November 23, 2013


They say confession is good for the soul. Which is true, and has been working for centuries for the catholics. I'm not catholic but I'm ready to come clean on a few things. So here goes....

I love the smell of Brute cologne (makes me feel 15 again)
I hate ABBA. I think Mama Mia is one of the most pathetic movies ever made.
I have a bad habit of leaving cupboard doors open.
Jesus really is my Home Boy.
I could eat a box of Captain Crunch, dry by the handful, or with milk. Doesn't matter.
I will never have country music on my I-Pod. Never.
I love to go vimming. If you don't know what that means you can ask me, I might confess.
I'm physically cold about 360 days a year, which means I love all things that can attempt to keep me warm.
Slippers, blankets, dogs, frumpy sweaters, whatever it takes which is usually all of the above.
I get up at the same time every day of the year except when I'm at the cottage. 
I'm a nibbler.
I am not a shopper.
I'm addicted to the items indicated below.
I am a cat and dog person. I am not a spider or owl person.
I have a very deep and solid faith, but still, I can not understand why sometimes timing seems so perfect and why sometimes it seems so wrong.
I do not like reading romantic novels but I do love watching romantic movies. I have no explanation for this so I'm going to categorize it under being female.
If given the option to go out with a bunch of people or stay home alone, I will probably choose the stay home alone. 
That is about as vulnerable as I feel like getting today. I feel so much better! Thanks for listening!

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