Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random Things On My Fridge

For the past 70 years or so, the fridge has become somewhat of a fixture in your average household. The shape and colours have changed throughout the years but there it sits patiently holding your milk and cheese, keeping it nice and cold. When I was first married we had a second hand fridge that someone gave to us. Then it died. We fixed it and it died again. So we decided it was time to look for a new fridge. With baby Randi in tow, off we went to a second hand appliance store. We told the owner we were looking for and he took us to the warehouse. Then we told him how much we could afford. He promptly took us behind his warehouse into a field and showed us a beat up abanded Fridge. Thought that was pretty rude when we are clearly a young, penniless couple with a baby to boot. Eventually we ended up with some green 70s monster that someone donated to us and it fared well for over 10 years! When it finally gave up the ghost, I'm happy to say we finally had some money at that point and we went to Sears and bought us a very pretty, brand new white fridge, which we are still using to this day.
But my fridge, much like most, is usually covered in a cornacopia of pictures, magnets and notes. Here are a few that are presently part of the fridge decor:

The middle is a photo of one of our previous ballerina's home in NewBruinswick. Natayu came from an incredibly creative family and when he wasn't hanging with us during the school year, he was here in this beautifully redone church. As for the bare naked fella - I believe he came from another ballerina who had a friend bring it back from Florence Italy. And, of course, an old photo of Randi and Adrian!

This is one of my favourite photos, taken at Canada's Wonderland as we zoomed down on a roller coaster. It is getting old and faded but I LOVE the expression on Adrian's face. It still makes me laugh every time I look at it. And at 6:00 am on a cold winter morning, a good laugh never hurt anyone.

Another photo of one of our previous ballerinas that lived with us and at the time, her fiance. They were married in 2012. We went to the wedding and, I cried, of course. The green fella is one of a selection of muppet magnets I picked up somewhere. They are scattered about on the fridge. And on the far left is a magnet from Pilot Insurance where I worked at the age of 20-24, my first office job!

This scrap of paper has been on my fridge since I was first married. I just like it.

Here is a photo of our dear friends son's wedding, my Mom hand-feeding a sparrow and a friendly reminder on how to treat people from the good Book

Another muppet magnet with a great cat photo from a calendar. Just happens to be my Sister's Heidi's birthday.
Lastly, a Christmas card from a coworker Karen of her two amazing pups, Bella and Mac and a rather gnarly looking pizza dough recipe.

So there is a glimpse of what I get to look at everyday. The question is, what's on YOUR fridge....

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  1. Cute....ironically when I read your bog title my thoughts were of what my fridge contained ..not what was posted on the exterior. The exterior of my fridge is somewhat naked next to yours.....although I must say, it made me smile that you post a photo of my family on your fridge. I simple have two magnetic current and one to reference from the previous year. My fridge also sports a clip magnet to hold pieces of VIP papers and my favourite thing grand daughter finger prints. Shari D