Saturday, August 10, 2013


You know when you have one of those really perfect days. A day that just start out right and at the end of it you fall into bed happy and content with a stash of new memories to watch over and over again as you smile indulgently to yourself. 

But what does a "perfect day" look like? And is it different for everyone? I thought I would ask around and discovered there seems to be a theme for most people.

A perfect day involves: serenity, peacefulness, love of family and friends, nature (often water). A young mom wrote "no demands/responsibilities placed on me." For those of you with kids under 10, I'm sure you can relate to that one! But that is a common theme as well. A perfect day involves no timelines or commitments, just a day to enjoy. People want "yummy" food, or music. 

So I suppose I should fess up and let you all know what a perfect day looks like to me, since I'm the one who begged the question. 

So, let's see....a perfect day. I definitely would start with some alone time with a good cup of coffee - no wait, let's make that a perfect cappucino! In the warmer months I would enjoy it outside under the gazebo in the garden. In the cooler months you would find me by my fireplace with a blanket. My dog would be snuggled up beside me and I would have Sasha the cat on my lap. I would get my groundings, spend some time in prayer and recharge.  
After that the perfect day would involve spending some time outdoors, getting exercise, enjoying family and/or friends, loving and being loved. It would involve excellent food including chocolate of some form, great wine and music. A large dose of laughter must be sprinkled liberally throughout. I would end the day quietly, with a good book or movie and a good bed. There.....that sounds perfect to me.

Now I know that may not be so perfect for someone else. For you party animals and shopaholics my day would be missing a few key factors. But I think most people really just want a simple pleasures of life. 

And that's the good news - these simple gifts, though maybe not all of them at once, packed into one day, are readily accessible to us all. 

Here's to perfect days, and perfect moments. May your life be filled with them!

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