Saturday, July 6, 2013


It's time I probably told you about Morrie. He is a bit of a fixture in my life so I shall start in the beginning....
The cello is an instrument that has always fascinated me. I love the sonorous sound it makes and seems to just sit in and layer a song. But I never, ever thought I would actually have one!
On Christmas Morning 2011, we were just finishing up our traditional family time when the kids got this gleam in their eye and asked me to check behind a standing screen where the vacuum usually hangs out. There was no vacuum but a very large case and inside, Morrie, my new cello.
I cried.
I could not believe it. A cello of my very own. It was overwhelming. Not to mention I'm no spring chicken. Could I learn an instrument at this stage of my life?
The next step was finding a teacher and I soon hooked up with the principal cellist in our local symphony. Linda very patiently began walking me through the basics and she has been with me the past year and a half.
I soon learned this was not going to be an easy undertaking. Although I do play piano I have never been a natural musician. I have always had to work at it and work hard. Morrie was really no different.Thus began Tuesdays with Morrie. I would practice as much as I could between work and housework and whatever else was going on, but I always tried to keep Tuesday night open to snuggle up with Morrie.
I usually set up camp in the basement, so as not to irritate my husband with my squeaks and squacks. People often say how they love the sound of the cello and I always tell them, "You love the sound of a cello played well!" When I first started even the animals would scatter but I'm happy to say Frodo and Sasha will now hang out and keep me company.
Playing the cello physically hurts my hands and I know it is only a matter of time before I have to contend with arthritis and I will really be limited on playing. But thus far I have completed Book  1 of the Suzuki course and I'm now working on Book 2.
A few weeks ago I participated in an end of the year recital for Linda's students. I was, oh, at least 30 years older the any other participant. The average ages were between 8 and 16. And then the ripe old age of 49. You are never too old people!
I'm now beginning to play with one of the teams at church - another new undertaking!
So, how far will I go with this? I really don't know. I'm off my lessons for the summer but intend to continue them in the fall. I guess I would like to get to the point where I can relax into it and not have to concentrate so very much on what I am doing. Plus, I will have to see how far I can continue physically.
So, if you are thinking of starting something new - new hobby, new career, new whatever, let me encourage you. Take a deep breath and dive in. You are never too old!

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