Friday, July 12, 2013


Do you remember when you were a kid, how exciting it was to chase after fireflies? First off, we were outside, AND it was dark! Way past bedtime. Then we would all watch around bushes or close to the edges of a tree lined forest for those little, intermittent blinks of light in the darkness. "There's one!" someone would squeal, and we would all run over trying to see where the blinking beacon would show up next. 
This has been a bit of a hard week, not just for me but for my family and people we love. A dear friend, one I would view as a "son" passed away suddenly in a motorcycle accident. Greg was sweet, with an easy going charm and all around the house I have memories of him - sitting on the couch watching a movie, lounging on the rug in the livingroom, playing a game at the dining room table. His laugh and how he would adore my pets. The last photo I took of Greg was a few weeks ago at a wedding. I was actually taking a family shot as requested by a friend of her and her children when Greg jumped in the back, doing a classic photobomb. He was young, only 27. I will miss him. His beacon of light, flashing away in the darkness of this world, now rejoining the Creator of Light. 
Another dear woman I know is soon ending her journey here on earth. Unlike Greg's sudden death, hers is slowly ebbing closer. We have time to prepare but it does not make it any easier. Both have their sting. Lorraine is an amazing woman, one I could always go to when I was struggling with a parenting issue. She would flash light like a firefly on my situation and suddenly it all seemed clearer. She is an incredible mother, grandmother, friend and mentor. 
With Greg, grief struck like a tidal wave, washing over without warning. With Lorraine, grief is present every day, always there, reminding me to pray for her and her family. 
We are called to be light in the darkness, bringing comfort, direction and joy. This week, I'm reminded to two great examples in my life. 

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