Friday, July 30, 2010

The Air I Breathe

I was on holidays last weekend and part of that included a family camping trip to Algonquin. And this people is the air I breathe.
This is the life blood that revives and strengthens me.

I need to see things like this...

I need to smell, taste, touch and hear the sounds of a canoe on the water

And I can't help but wonder at the beauty created around me and how, in a short span of 5 months, this same environment that welcomes me with warmth and greenery will be white, cold and still. Truly, God is keen on variety!
We had a great time eating....


And just enjoying the scenery!

And then, I head back home and I sit in my "pod" in the office, with no window and the windows that are available do not open!

And that is why this is the Air I Breathe, the Air I Need to Breathe!

In a couple of weeks I have another vacation time coming up which will be spent at a a lake....with the wind whispering in the pines and loons crying at night and dragonflies stopping by to say hello with their shimmering, iridescent coloured wings.

And I will be ready and refreshed for another year - to do the business of work and life.

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  1. Gorgeous Pictures Cyndi! There is just something about geting out into nature that is absolutely revitalizing isn't there? Glad you got this time with family and with nature.