Friday, May 28, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Summer has arrived early in Ontario....hopefully this isn't a big trick like she's only stopped in for a quick visit with plans to leave in less than a month visiting some other tropical location. happens here.
So even though it is only the end of May we have enjoyed remarkable, July-like temperatures. My flowers are waaaay ahead blooming and socializing like crazy and my tan is pretty admirable.
Such lazy warm days make me think of summer reading. As you know, I love to read. But in the summer, I especially love to read lots of care-free, take-me-away-calgon, fiction. I just finished Jane Eyre (again) and I'm working my way through the first Harry Potter. Harry Potter made a big splash and still is. It definitely ruffled feathers in the Christian camp. I even came across a book written specifically on why you shouldn't read Harry there nothing else you can put to paper?? Having never read it and as I appreciate a well-written fiction, I thought I would give it a go. It obviously stands the test of time. In my opinion, it's cleverly written - not by J.R. Tolkien standards but clever nonetheless.
However.....there still is a few heavy, indepth, winter/spring, educational reads I need to finish.....
They are sitting on my bedside table, tapping their fingers as a gentle reminder that this is NOT summer yet and I should continue to work towards wisdom and understanding via good solid reads.
Decisions, decisions.....I promise, once I finish Harry Potter (which won't be long) to finish that really good book on The Spirit of Sonship. Then there is that autiobiography on Fanny Crosby.
By then, summer, should it tarry, will offically be here and I can read all about faraway, mystical lands, faeries and other flying creatures, maybe a good mystery or many decisions.

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