Sunday, July 9, 2017


One of the first times we ever went to the Waterfront Festival in Belleville, my daughter was barely a week old, strapped to my chest in a Snuggly (that's what they called'em back then). Yesterday, we took her for her 29th birthday.

It's Tradition! 

We've watched the festival expand and contract, go from big name bands and bellyflop contests to a more placid family affair. We enjoy the celebration, the connections with our community and the food.

Well, mostly for the food....just like the rest of you...admit it.

Sharing is the name of the game so we always get a little bit of this and that and we all dig in.

Perogies are a favourite all round!

Might as well pick up an apple crepe while you're there.

LOVE the Momos, with the sauce - feeling hot, Hot, HOT

The Mexican booth from Chilangos is a fairly new addition but was an instant hit. Abraham, one of the owners is friend of ours. You would be pressed to find a harder working man in Belleville.

We rolled ourselves away from the food area and checked out the other points of interest. Glanmore Museum had set up a booth full of artifacts and pics of local history. Loved this one:

You can get your upholstery done and utilize the Undertaker all in one stop shop! Seems Multi-tasking is not a new phenomenon.

I love hot sauces, but perhaps this guy didn't know when to quit. Duly noted.

Another hard worker, this guy with the Lemonade stand will whip you up a citrusy bevy in seconds. 

Of course there is lots music, dancing and games for the kids too. 

We are past the Carnival stage at the moment but it's always fun to wander through and listen to the raucous noise of barkers and squeals and machinery.
Here's a fun fact: I worked with a Carnival when I was 17 (in the ticket booth). A short lived career but I'm proud to say I was a Carnie once!

If you have never been to Belleville's Waterfront Festival, save room for it next year in your busy calendar and make it a Tradition! There is always something for everyone to do and there's great food.

Portuguese Chicken.....mmmmmm.

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