Sunday, July 16, 2017


We are sailing through the summer time pretty quickly around here.

In Canada, summer always seems to be in a hurry, not wanting to impose on the other seasons. So here's how I'm savouring her little visit.

I ride my bike. For some reason, it guarantees making the time seem longer. This morning I rode along the waterfront savouring the warm breeze on my face and the hot sun on my back. 

Watch a Fireworks Display! The sense of community is palpable as we all sit oohing and aahing up at the dazzling flashes and explosions overhead.
I go camping. 

My family obligingly go with me and put up with this yearly obsession of mine.

The market is bursting with fruits and vegetables, not to mention a feast for all your senses.

Berries in season, cucumbers, snap peas, lettuce. Everything tastes better fresh. 

I eat outside, as much as I can! Today we went with friends to TerraCello Winery in the County for oven roasted pizza. You can sit outside surrounded by grape vines and feel like you are smack in the middle of Italy. 

Take some time to smell the flowers.

Or, go hog wild and smell a whole field: in this case, Lavender! 

And of course, Ice Cream or Gelato is a summer savouring necessity.

This sour cherry gelato from Nice Ice Baby was starting to drip so I had to give it a few licks....tastes like summer to me.

Canadian summers: short and sweet, shy and fickle. Here's to making the most of them!

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