Saturday, July 12, 2014


Every year, my little town holds a Waterfront Festival involving fun, food and music. This is an annual event that has been going on for years. I remember carrying Randi around the Festival as a newborn in one of the knapsack things that were strapped to your chest. She's 26 now....there will be no more carrying in knapsacks. 

For a while it was a monstrous party that engulfed half of Belleville. But for the past few years it has simmered down to a quaint little family friendly event. 

Here's a few shots of the goings on this year:
There is always great ethnic food....Momos, Perogies, Samosas, pizza. 
This year I tried the vegetarian noodles from Tibet 

We also had the Portuguese chicken. So good! 

There is lots of things for the kids to do but this velcro wall made me seriously consider suiting up and trying it myself

You put on the suit, jump and voila. Stuck like glue. Then there is that delicious sound as you attempt to peel yourself off.

Some kids needed a little help with the peeling off part. 

We were wandering around when suddenly, the crowd parted I looked to the right and fell in love.

This is Griffin, a one-year-old Lab/Akbash cross. 
Is he not the most gorgeous creature you have ever seen?

But Sheldon and our friend Tom soon tired of me giving lovey-dovey eyes to Griffin and I had to move on. They had other things they wanted to check out. Like these pants.

I've been trying to think of a witty caption for this photo for a couple of hours. At this point I'm open to suggestions.

This too, is just weird.

So let's finish by getting back to wonderful things, like dogs who run, leap and splash into a big pool of water.

If you are ever in Belleville in the middle of July, come check out the Waterfront Festival! I've only touched on a few things to see, do and eat and it's a great way to spend a weekend. You may even fall in love or find the perfect pair of pants.

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