Sunday, July 6, 2014


The Loons tells me it was about 35 degrees Celsius!

It's been a hot one this week: Humid, Sticky, Furnace-like. Everyone hopping from the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car. Or you lounged in front of a burring fan or clustered under the nearest shady tree. I think I burned the tops of my hands biking to work and back. 

On Canada Day we went down to Zwick's Park to check out the festivities and everyone moved in slow motion. If we had added a bit of face paint and effects it would have made for a smashing Zombie movie. 

But I love summer and I thrive in heat so much better than in cold.
I love the dusty smell of the house. 
I love the way the cats stretch out in long velvet lines as opposed to plush compact little balls.
I love having warm feet and hands!

And you can't do things like this in the middle of winter!
I was able to go strawberry picking this week. I popped off those little ruby reds with a satisfying snap and filled up 12 quarts full.

The fruits of my labour!

I shared some with my parents and co-workers, had fresh berries in my oatmeal, dipped them in melted chocolate, and sliced them into salads. They are so much better than the tasteless ones you buy at the grocery store in the dead of winter. 

Yes, it's hot. But let's not forget people, what we've been through....

Remember this?
Ice, Ice Baby
Precarious walking conditions
Precarious driving conditions
Heck, you could not even push a grocery cart to the car safely

And, so much snow

We have earned this hot weather in spades....just a small reminder

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