Sunday, May 11, 2014


It's Mother's Day today! So here's to all you hard working Moms. Hope you are spoiled! I am blessed with an amazing Mom myself - she is smart, hard working, patient, intuitive and full of good ideas. 
I took her to lunch yesterday. "Eat your salad" mom says. "And finish your fruit." Good idea mom. 
Here is another one of Mom's good ideas. I'm usually a red-wine-drinker, but in the summer I can be coaxed into a glass of white. Mom drops a couple of raspberries into her glass and they are pretty yummy to mow down on when you finish your drink and they are all wine-infused like.

A few other good ideas:

Naps, especially in the sun are a good idea


Oatmeal, in the morning. Since I had raspberries kicking around I threw them in too. Not just for white wine!

Now don't get carried away with this one. Coffee is always a good idea and a couple of glugs of Baileys makes it extra special - good for weekends and holidays!
Need some more?
Reading - scripture or otherwise
Cleaning the kitty litter box on a regular basis
Throw a junk of frozen lemon or lime in your water.

Good ideas all round - some from mothers, some from coworkers, some I thought up all by myself. 

If you are a Mom, thanks for all the sound advice and good ideas. If you are blessed to still have your mom, enjoy her, listen to her, appreciate her. 

Now that's a good idea!

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