Saturday, February 15, 2014


Happy Valentine's Everyone! I hope you are all feeling the love!

This seemed like the appropriate time to blog about love, don't you think? is a many splendid thing indeed: young love, old love, renewed love, love at first sight, endless love, passionate and even jealous. It can be quite the roller coaster ride. And yes, I'm old enough to have seen and experienced most of it.
Hugs and kisses are often a common way to connect and show our love to another. I personally, love a good hug. Now some people are good huggers, and some are not. One of the best huggers I know is my friend Andrew. I've known him since he was just a little boy and he is my daughter Randi's age. But Andrew, well, the boy just really knows how to hug. He opens his arms wide and inviting like and wraps them around you with absolutely no inhibition or even a hint of stiffness. There is no sense of shyness in his hug, it is just warm, solid and confident. I love Andrew hugs. I think I also like them because Andrew is not very tall and as a short person, I am usually hugging a navel or I have to reach my arms up high to wrap around a neck. Andrew is just the right height!

This is Andrew giving my daughter a good hug on their Grade 12 gradation. I suppose he is giving her a kiss as well.....and speaking of kissing....
There are a few things I really like to kiss. When my children were babies, I loved to kiss them right between the eyes, on the bridge of their little baby noses.

See that baby there? Not the one in the basket (that would be Awesome Dawson, God rest his soul), but the other one with the pink spotted elephant. That is my daughter Randi at about 5-6 months old. I loved to kiss that spot smack between her eyes.

I love kissing my pets too. These Frodo paws are lovely to kiss, albeit a little dangerous as they sheath some razor sharp claws and if Frodo does not WANT you to be kissed one or two of his claws will start to extend and send out a very clear warning.

I have a thing for whiskered cheeks too, like these ones....

Good Soft kissing I tell ya. Oh, and these silky ears are very nice too....

I love to receive kisses too - on my forehead or surprise kisses on my neck. In the shower is very nice. My husband is great for providing these! I think Spiderman was onto something with that rain kiss. 

So spread the love people! Be an "Andrew Hugger" and hug with confidence. Kiss your loved ones in a way that lets them know that you care. Because the personal contact is something we all need.

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