Saturday, January 4, 2014


We are slowly getting back into routine around here after two weeks of festivities, food and fun. I had an amazing meal with friends on New Year's Eve at one of my favourite restaurants, Blumen Bistro in Picton. But it was an early dinner for me and early to bed as well, as I had to work New Years Day.

It was just myself and another lady in the office manning the phones. How quiet it was! I shuffled around in my slippers.....and why not?? No big brass kicking around, or anyone else for that matter, to affirm the dress code. 

It has been dreadfully cold out. The kind of cold that hits you as soon as you walk out the door and nips at any uncovered skin. So when I decided to walk over to Tim Horton's for a cup of tea I bundled up, grabbed my office key and headed over. The parking lot was empty as everything was closed, except for the faithful Timmy's. On my way back there was an elderly fella aways ahead of me. All you could hear was the scrunch, scrunch, scrunch of the cold snow beneath our boots. 

Suddenly the fellow ahead of me stops and turns around.
"I just wanted to see who was coming up behind me." he says
"Just me!" I replied.
"Sure is cold" says he
I agreed in good Canadian etiquette.
"Hey, what's your shoe size?" he asks
"6 and a half" I answered without even blinking.
"Hmmm....they seem bigger....must be the boots. I'm just making small talk - no harm in that. I've never asked anyone their shoe size before."
"I'm glad I was the first!" I answered.
At this point he had made it to the store which unfortunately was closed and I was nearly back to the office. We said our adieus and that was that.

This may seem like an odd New Year's Day conversation. I suppose it would have been odd any day of the year. But there it was, all the same. For all I know, I may have been the only person Mr. Curious about Shoe Sizes talked to all day.  

So that's how my New Year has started out. A great pre-meal, a quiet day of work and an odd conversation with an elderly gentleman I could not even point out in a crowd. Could be a very random year.....

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