Saturday, January 11, 2014


I've had some time off work lately. Seems I had too many vacation days left and the powers that be said in classic Canadian style "take off, eh". 
So....what to do....what to do....
I made fresh bread and homemade turkey soup.
Watched a fair bit of Downton Abbey!
I went swimming (with Nick, and that's another story).
And I did some painting.
When I was about 12 or so, my sisters and I would all truck down to this sweet little old lady's house and she would proceed to show us some tricks with water colours. We would all sit around her table with paints and photos to copy while Lawrence Welk played on the TV. Oh yes, I don't forget moments like that. My sister Heidi was quite promising, Heather was pretty good too. But I was no heck - could never quite get those sky colours right and my robin was a sorry sight indeed. I did improve over the years and I actually have two framed paintings I did on my own - one of our old house in Foxboro and another I did when I was going through a very rough time and for some reason I took to watercolours to manage the angst.
But this week, with lots of time on my hands I started painting an upstairs bedroom that will be my husband's new office area. 
I cranked the tunes, changed into paint clothes and sang as loud as I wanted. 

I had some help too. Sasha curious as always, was in there like a dirty shirt. She asked very nicely if she could help.

She got a little messy and she was not a lot of help, but she is always great company.

I got a little messy too - paint speckles in my hair and on my glasses. Fresh smudges on my paint clothes and on the ladder. All added to old painting jobs I remember. 
There is touches of bright yellow from when I vicariously painted my front porch.
There is red when I took the brave plunge and did the music room.
There is spring green from my last painting job 2 years ago.
Now I'm adding a nice warm caramel.
But really, January is a good time to start these kind of projects. A  new year where I can paint over the smudges and dirty spots that have built up and voila, everything looks brand new and no one is the wiser....if you get my drift. 
So here's to a fresh new canvass! 

Sorry about the selfie.....I'm new at these.

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