Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All Things New

I am some place new today. I'm in Kelowna BC, the other side of Canada, looking over snow covered mountains.....snow that my good friend Cheryl insists NEVER happens this time of year. But the evidence is right I front of me....

I came out here for a holiday with friends and to meet my daughter Randi, who has spent the last year and 4 months living and working in Japan. Her work contract is over and finally I can smell, see and touch her instead of just Skype. That is something new too.

I also have a new book out, Growing Up Quinte, which I co-wrote with my Dad. We have been working on this book together for about 2 years, hence the sabbatical from this blog. The book is now  published and in its way!

Wait...there's more....I have a new job at work in the palliative care field. Interesting, busy and sometimes very sad. I have a better understanding of the final stages of ones life on this earth.

Finally, I have a new cat, Sasha, a Russian blue I discovered at a shelter in Hamilton, Ontario. She is lovely, beautiful, curious, and devoted. Right now, I'm kinda missing her...but that I'd because somethings don't change, I'm still a house cat at heart, a homebody who right now is quite far from her home in Ontario. So, I guess not all things are new....some things stay the same.

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