Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Problem with Popcorn

Bet you thought I was gone for good didn't ya? Actually it was January in Canada and I was hibernating. Now that we are well into February, half way through, this little bear is starting to wake up and sniff the air.
And I'm hungry.
When it comes to food, I'm a nibbler. I perfected this technique whilst waitressing in my young and energetic days. Having no time to actually sit down and eat a meal, I would nibble. A french fry here, a scoop of rice pudding there.
But I started this nibblemania much before that. I nibble down the sides of chocolate bars. Makes them last longer I say. First the very tip, then down one side and then the other, then the bottom end. I nibble my way through cookies. Makes them last longer I say. Nibble, nibble nibble.
But here is the anomoly. I have a problem with popcorn.
For some reason I take huge mitt-fuls and try to stuff them all into my mouth at once. I don't know why....I certainly don't do this with anything else. Strictly stick to delicate little mouthfuls or nibbles. Why I don't pop one little kernal into my mouth at a time, like any well educated nibbler would do, is beyond me. In an effort to choke myself on popcorn, I drop it all over my lap, the counter and the floor, much to Amelia's delight who just snaps up all those falling gems.
So, if you find yourself getting frustrated with all my nibbling, hand me some popcorn and watch the transformation begin.

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