Friday, April 16, 2010

Dance While You Can

This morning, as I sit here, my left forearm and elbow are sore and achy - black and blue, my shins are both whining a little and so are my shoulder blades. No, I have not been in some horrible bike accident, though I have been riding my bike to work again.
The fact is, I got this crazy notion to try Contemporary Dance. Did I mention I will be 47 this year???
Since last September I have been going faithfully, every Thursday, to a contemporary dance classs. This was an "adult" class so I thought - I'll give er a go..gotta dance while you can.
But eventually the class being small was integrated in with a much MUCH younger group. We are talking lithe, agile teenagers. So now the class consists of me (the oldest and zilch experience), then there are two ladies in their 30s and 40s - both dance teachers, and finally we finish up with two lithe, agile, been dancing since they were 3 teenagers. I am out of my league here, believe me. My teacher is wonderful and patient with us all and throws out these funky dance phrases where everybody nods and understands and I just look at her blankly until she explains what it means.
So come June, we will be participating in a performance at a local theatre and right now we are working on "partnering". This involves a lot of rolling around, falling to the floor (hence the black and blue elbow), lifting and throwing.
I'm not a quitter so I'm seeing this through. And I've learned a lot - the girls and my teacher are wonderful and we have a lot of fun. If only my body could appreciate all I'm doing for it.

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  1. Woah! YOU are amazing!!!! You made me giggle and very proud all in the same moment.
    Ah... I love ya!