Friday, March 12, 2010

Onion Denied

For the past 20+ years I have lived with a man who hates or better yet, detests onions.

That means no onions for me.
No onions to cook, smell or eat for over 20 years.
I miss French Onion soup, onions in my food, onions on my hamburger etc. etc.
I could, of course, continue to eat these but there would be no kiss good night for me.
Onions make my hubby literally gag so I have denied myself this right and privilege.
The other day my son had some hooligans, I mean friends, over to watch movies and one of them brought chips.
Sour cream and ONION chips to be exact. No one opened them so there they sat in our snack cupboard. Since I don't have onions in the house my kids then grew up never eating them, hence they are not that interested in them and believe me the hubby wasn't about to crack that bag open.
One day when I came home from work there they were....waiting for me. I'm usually very disciplined but my moments of weakness usually hit when I get home from work, tired, stressed and hungry.
I opened that bag of sour cream and ONION chips and had a few...had a few more....heaven help me. It's fake onion flavouring I know but onion all the same. A little blast from the past.
Once in a while a little contraband doesn't hurt....right?


  1. I too live with an onion hater. I try to understand, but really, are these men crazy? I say your contriband was well deserved.

  2. You only think Adrian and I aren't interested in onion. I'll have you know that onion AND tomatoes are a part of my daily diet at school- they literally go in everything! I have 18-onion-and-tomato-less years to make up for.

  3. That's good to know Randi! Adrian....well that's another story. Maybe he too will come over to the dark side.
    By the way, spent a cold wet windy rainy day outside traipsing about the U of T campus. We went to the Keg for supper and all I wanted was a nice hot bowl of soup. What's your soup? I asked. Well we only have French Onion Soup was the beautiful waitress' reply. I did not hesitate - I ordered that soup.

  4. oh no Cyndi....onions are SO VERY GOOD when cooking.....I'm so sorry!!! lol.