Friday, September 4, 2009

Saying Goodbye/Saying Hello

So this past week has been a busy one. We drove our daughter Randi back to University, a good 3 hour drive smack through the middle of Toronto. This is the beginning of her fourth year so I should be getting better at this goodbye thing. I am, really, I am. But still there is that motherly angst when I drive out and leaver her, alone, by herself, in a strange city. Everything in me says "Don't leave your child there alone! What are you doing?? Your job is to look after her, protect her!" But, the fact is she's a grown woman now and my job is not to look after and protect her anymore. And I know that in my mind anyway, just have to move it on down to my heart!
Back at our house things just don't quite feel the same and I miss her presence, but I will get used to it and she will be back for Thanksgiving.
But then half way through this week something happened - a surprise. I come home from work and who should walk in the door but Randi! It seems she hitched a ride to Toronto with friends and from there her boyfriend brought her back home. She doesn't start classes until next week and since she had nothing else to do in St Catharines, back she came.
So in one week I said goodbye and then hello and as of today, it will be goodbye again. I think I hear a Beatles song in there somewhere.....


  1. So glad you got such a wonderful surprise and that you get to spend a wee bit more time with your baby...I hate letting go of them....will you hold my hand next year as Jon makes his first flight?

  2. Sure will Jen - that first year is a dousy.

  3. Awesome surprise! I think it speak a lot of your parenting that they WANT to come back when they find themselves with extra time ....

    You're paving the way for those of us who will follow with our own children ....

  4. Boyfriend... am I missing something here?! We obviously need to do a tour of The County so I can catch up on ALL your family news!
    Treasure the moments with Randi - we have such precious kids.

  5. Ah yes.. said goodbye to Matt and Alyssa in June and now hello to Alyssa again, as she comes back home to live as she completes her 4th year of University.

  6. I'm glad she came back too - it was great to see her at our house on Youth night. What a great surprise for you!