Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We all have our little fetishes, that's for sure....I certainly do. Let's take my extreme case of homesickness. It strikes me every time I leave home (surprise, surprise). Let me try and explain it.
I'm on vacation, enjoying myself, learning new things, seeing new sights when suddenly it hits. That lump in my throat, that longing in my soul. Tears can even come to my eyes. I want to be home....NOW. Once the family was on a two week vacation on the East coast. We woke up in the morning at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Charlottetown PEI and I said.."I want to go home." But in my soul it is more like "I want to BE home Now, or I HAVE to be home Now." So my long suffering husband packs us up and we drive straight home 22 hours on the road.
It's not that I can't handle not being home, but believe me, I have to fight the longing almost like an anxiety. I'm good for a couple of days, even a week but I dare not think what more than 2 weeks away from home would do to me.
This is a bit of a problem because I do want to travel and see some of the world, Lord willing. Perhaps if I bite off travelling in 2-week increments I will be OK.
When I do get home, oh how I love to walk through room to room, smell everything and look at everything that is near and dear to me. And then there is sleeping in my own bed, the piece-de-resistance!
I empathize with all those little 7 years olds at their first sleepovers at a friend's house, all the young adults leaving home for the first time, all the elderly who can no longer live safely in their own home.
To all the homebodies and housecats out there, I feel your pain.


  1. I am true homebody. Love to go away (for a few days) but long to be home!!!

  2. I'm with you sister. There truly is "no place like home". I often refer for my longing to be home as "my need to nest".

  3. Thanks for your post. I love being home but I dearly love to travel and go places. I haven't experienced what you shared and I'm glad you gave that insight. You're blog is aptly named, House cat! Thanks for the glimpse into your world.

  4. Wow ... I am completely opposite to you! I can be home for only a couple weeks and I am begging to go somewhere ... ANYWHERE! Yep, God made me to travel. I'm thankful that I have a house to come home to, to enjoy my family in, but there's something in me that loves to see new places, experience new things, meet new people.

  5. Interesting how we are all so very different! I think Vicki suffers from being "carsick" rather than "Homesick" (hahaha).

  6. I love my home and deffintly do miss it when we are gone. Being away one week is enough...but I can mannage 2...especially if we are "cottaging" with family in PEI! :)

  7. I LOVE being at home! But I also love going away. (as long as my dog and cat are safe and being loved on while I am away)

    I want and long to go to Australia! It shall happen...and it will be for at least two weeks...maybe even four!!