Friday, May 15, 2009

Multi-Tasking Monster

May is one of my favourite months! What other time of the year can you see purple and pink frothy trees? Or be kissed again for the first time in nearly 6 months by a warm summer breeze? You can see flowers springing up before your eyes and grass as green as Ireland. It's not too cold for those of you who don't like frigid temperatures and it's not too hot for those of you who don't like to swelter. Truly, it is a heavenly month and one I like to savour. But I'm sooooo busy right now; I have so many things on the go; I'm a multi-tasking Monster and May is flying by!
A fair chunk of my job consists of arranging for meetings. Video-conferences to numerous sites, teleconferences between numerous people, real live meetings between real live people. I have to arrange rooms, book equipment, send out agendas, photocopy hand-outs, get the coffee ready etc. etc. Now that's all OK with me - I love to organize and there is a lot of meetings going on right now at work. But on top of that I'm also helping to arrange a Retirement Party for one of the ladies at work, my son's birthday party and of course, my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary that has me desperately trying to get my garden in order.
So that got me thinking about a Day in God's Life and the amount of multi-tasking He's got beneath His Wings. "Let's see...." God says to Jesus....."Today we have 353,176 new humans being born, we have 128,772 to welcome home and Oh yes....we can't forget the 82,354 celebrations we have today with the Angels for all those people who have accepted You into their hearts! - Always a good party!!"
It's is a good thing there are 3 of them (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) and a good thing They are Omnipotent!
As there are not 3 of me and I'm definitely not Omnipotent, I'm getting a little concerned I may mix up a few things.....It could be my Son may end up with a lovely Retirement Brooch and a nice garden party for his Birthday and my 70-year-old parents and their friends will find themselves in Camouflage gear playing Paintball.....I'm going to have to be careful with all these balls in the air....perhaps I should arrange videoconference for everyone so they can all share everything vicariously!
I do love May but this one is passing me by. I'm barely getting a chance to enjoy it. On the other hand I believe God is orchestrating all this because He wants to keep me busy, keep my mind off of things. Well, I'm not a God but I am a Woman and multi-tasking is what we do. So bring it on....I will make lists, write myself notes and hopefully everyone that is supposed to will end up with a teacup in the garden, a paintball gun in hand and enjoy a lovely Retirement Dinner with their co-workers!


  1. I'm with you on the May thing! I absolutely love it, but it is so busy. We have Hannah's bday, our anniversary, my nieces bday (not to mention all the fun school stuff that happens in May, as well as the starting of the summer sports season). For me personally, May flies by, and I have a very hard time fitting things in.
    Here's hoping you have a great month--I'm on the move with you!!

  2. I'm finding that May is whisking by all too quickly too. I love this time of year. It's the beginning of the best season and we still have it all ahead of us to look forward to.


    Check out Cheryl's Friend's Blog, talking about buisiness AND still practising His presence. I thought it was really good.

    Ahhh...I adore May as well.


  4. Cyndi ... I always love reading your writings!! I really think you should be writing for a magazine monthly ...

    My main concern was that you hadn't been kissed for 6 months!! ... then I read a little closer and realized you were talking about a summer breeze ... whew!!!!