Friday, May 8, 2009

Moving Day

Now that the weather is decent I'm back to riding my bike to work. It's lovely in the morning - there is usually no wind to fight and my energy level is high. I bit harder at the end of the day. Generally there is a wind pushing me backwards and my 40+ year old body is not very keen on aerobic exercise after working all day.

One of the benefits of bike riding (for those of you who have read my book - just a little plug) is how you have time to see all the details of what's going on in the world that you ride through. The other day I pedalled past a big moving van parked in front of a house. It's a stately Georgian-style home and not one I would leave willingly. The van was open at the back and still pretty empty but there were blankets ready to bundle up a family's treasures and the men trundled back and forth from the open door of the house to the open door of the van, up the ramp and nestled the furniture into the back.

Moving day can be exciting, tiring, anticipated and stressful. Like most people, I've seen my share of moves. Lately we are in the cycle of moving daughter Randi somewhere at the beginning of each new school year and then moving her out and home at the end and then we start all over again in the fall.

Spiritually God is in the process of moving me. And, yes - it's exciting, tiring, anticipated and stressful. Moving means I'm going somewhere new and learning new things. I'm anticipating what is in store for me but it's also stressful. Moving means I have to leave other things behind; things I might want to keep. I once heard a speaker say "God is not a Happy Camper." In other words, He's not one to park it and stay put. He's like that big Atlas Moving Van picking us and all our baggage up and moving us to something new and different.

If you know someone who's in the process of moving - spiritually or otherwise, do your best to lend a helping hand. Support and encourage them as best you can. Moving Day is a lot easier when you have friends around.

Just to update you on my Garden dilemma - thanks for the advice, I will be calling Holly!! A lady from work came over and helped me arrange a few planters to put on the patio. She said what everyone says....."It's really overgrown" and "I've never seen anything quite like it." I cleaned and filled the pond and set up the fountain and we bought a little Cherub to sit on the edge. I've decided to name him "Chad The Cherub." So, here is a picture of "The Chad",doing what he does best. I also took a picture of the magnolia tree in my neighbor's yard (a little garden envy here).


  1. Well written my friend. I think I'm moving too. Thanks for the metaphorical writing.