Sunday, July 19, 2015


It's hot....really hot. The pets don't saunter in and lie down on the floor, they waddle in and flop with a satisfying thud on their sides and stay there. Our central air is almost as old as me so we don't often turn it on - I can handle the heat the the rest of the fam puts up with it. 

Today I had to take a quick trip to pick up some pictures for work and new towels. So I hopped into my sweet ride (1999 CRV Honda) and headed out. 

Here she is - ain't she a beauty?

The air is hot and thick with a strong breeze. There is no air conditioning in the CRV so I have the windows down in an attempt to catch some air. It flings my hair into my face and over my sunglasses. My tank top is sticking to my back and my one sandal sticks to my foot. The hot sun beats down on my bare legs and one arm. I crank up the tunes and pass by all the cars with their windows well sealed as they are coccooned in their air conditioned interiors. They can't hear the wind in the trees, or me rocking to "Play that Funky Music" or smell the hot pavement or gas.

That's when I realize they are just going from A to B but me, I'm cruizin! Windows down, tunes cranked, the smell of gas and the rumble of engines. All you air-conditioned cocooners are missing out. Yeah it's hot. So what? Six months from now, believe me hot it will not. 
Peace. Out.

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