Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cookie Belly and Other Christmas Maladies

I don't really have to point out to any of you that Christmas is coming down the pike like rollerblades down a hill right now. We are in the thick of it. Shopping, decorating, celebrating and baking.

But Christmas doesn't come without its issues. You can't have a rose without thorns ya know.
To name a few: stress, perpetual busy-ness, a few extra pounds, hangovers and of course cookie belly.

Cookie belly plagues my household a lot at this time of the year. Both myself and my new daughter aka ballerina billet Kelli have a passion for baking, especially cookies. And then we sample the dough at different intervals, sample each batch, sample when they are still hot and then when they are cold and voila, you have a cookie belly. That's a belly that feels far to full and uncomfortable with a major sugar rush at the same time. The next morning you wake up with pants that have shrunk on their own accord.

But it's worth it. They are beautiful cookies inside the belly and outside the belly. The other day we spent an afternoon baking and decorating sugar cookies. Works of art, every last one of them! We are both good little bakers. In fact, I'm feeling a little peckish and Kelli just baked up a new batch of gingersnaps. Soft and fat pillows of gingery, spicy, sugary goodness....mmmmmmm. Bring on CB!

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  1. Mmm cookies! I have cookie belly right now too. Except... mine is from chocolate, and appies and egg nog. Mmmm
    Love you