Friday, October 1, 2010

Prince Edward County

If I hop into my car and drive around the corner, down the block, take one more corner and then a right over the bridge, I find myself in Prince Edward County.
"The County" is a place I spent a fair bit of my childhood (Grades Kindergarten to 6) in a variety of houses as my parents rented what was available/affordable. The County was a farming region, a little island with a great beach, where we got apples, potatoes and fresh corn.

But "The County" is grown up. Suddenly, it has become a mecca for artists and gourmets, not to mention the biggest thing growing there now are wineries! I still love to visit as it is filled with childhood memories, beautiful landscape and now that is all grown up, really great food and wine!

Last weekend we went with friends to "Taste" a culinary celebration so to speak. For a pretty penny you can nibble on all sorts of gourmet goodies made from local ingredients and sip the lastest fruits of the vine. If you ever get a chance to go, it is a nice albeit pricey, way to spend a day. So there I am on the Picton Fairgrounds, the same place that as a child I would go every Tuesday night for skating lessons, the same place I would ride the scrambler at the Picton Fair, the same place where I hung out with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in the grandstand watching the horse show (true story). Now, I'm walking about with all the other adults looking pretty pleased with the assortment of goodies to choose from and enjoying live jazz. My, how life changes!

After nibbling and sipping, we travelled about a bit and landed in the middle of a party at the Sandbanks Winery. Seems they had a harvest party earlier in the day and everyone was, well, celebrating the harvest, in a big way.

The trees are pulling out their very best colours, the air is crisp and fresh, the food is good - you should come visit!

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  1. I remember my first time at Taste...really must get back - was such a fun weekend.