Saturday, September 11, 2010

Turn the Page

It's been a big week for me; a new chapter, a turning of the page so to speak.

I dropped my baby off at University. That's right, my baby.

Child number one is starting her fifth year. We are old hat with her.
Child number two is starting his first year. And, he's my baby.

That means I'm role as a mother is basically over. I know it is NEVER really over but the brunt of the job, once a full time role, is now moving to part time. I don't like it, I'm fighting against it, but eventually I will have to accept it.

I hate the part when you leave your off spring in some unknown and foreign land, far from home and you give them a hug and drive off. It's a terrible sink or swim feeling. Of course, they are more than ready to swim, you have been teaching them all the moves for the last 20 years and they are usually itching to go it alone.

but is hard.

So, we are moving on to the "Empty Nest" syndrome which is making me feel rather old.
But I have an ace up my sleeve....a back up plan.

What if we could simply produce another child - still have one under the roof and remind me to keep in tune with the rhythms of school life?

Voila - we take in Kelly, a ballerina at the Quinte Ballet school. She is a mere 17 years old. Just going into Grade 11. That gives me at least two years to adapt into "Empty Nest".

Kelly is my "transition" child, my "ease me into it" girl. She's sweet, quiet and busy and indepedent enough to help me from over-mothering but just enough to allow me to keep my hand in this parenting career.

Some people are more than ready to have their kids out from underneath them. Some people are not. Give me some time. I'll get the hang of it. I was never a quick learner.

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